Setup and Customization

Most vacation rental businesses have a lot in common, which is why it's what you do differently that sets you apart. ResCMS® is built to suit your business and your customers. From functional and economical entry-level feature sets to custom-crafted marketing engines, there is a ResCMS® site to meet your needs and budget now while enabling your vision for your business in the future. Contact us for an intial consultation and quote for setup and customization of your site, or visit one of our resellers and integration partners.

View some custom ResCMS® vacation rental websites.

Additional Services

The services listed below are available as needed. Additional monthly or annual fees apply.

Owner Access

Owner account login and access to owner services is available with some reservations providers. Additional monthly service fees apply to support owner account login and integrated features.

Secure Server Certificate

Required for sites with on-site booking and credit card payments (annual renewal).

Additional Bandwidth / Disk Space

The ResCMS service includes ample bandwidth and disk space for most sites. In rare cases you may need more space or bandwidth. We can accomodate your needs at reasonable rates.

Dedicated Hosting

Virtual private and dedicated servers are available for clients with high-volume or custom application or security requirements.

Monthly Service Fees

Fees provide for website hosting, maintenance, and support as well as maintenance and updates to reservations API connectivity services.  See our ResCMS® Service Features page for more details.

ResCMS® Service Fees

Service fees for ResCMS® can be paid in monthly or discounted annual installments and are due in advance of the service period.
Category Units1 Price per Unit
I 50 - 100 $2.30/mo
II 101 - 250 $2.10/mo
III 251 - 500 $1.90/mo
IV 501 - 1000 $1.70/mo
V 1001+ Contact Us

1. Units is a measure of the number of vacation rental units managed via the customer's software platform and represented online via ResCMS® . Per-unit service fees are based on a maximum number of vacation rental units and are available in 5-unit increments.